This is the website for my old-school (OSR compatible) Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) campaign. My goals for the campaign as a whole are at the bottom after the table of contents.

Exiled Future is the name I’ve given to a campaign world that is flavored post-apocalyptic fantasy. Well, not exactly. The world is post-post-post-post-apocalyptic fantasy. Inspired in large by the original Dying Earth stories by Jack Vance. Everything is underground huddled around the core of the planet, some are in the sunlit hollow center of the world while most live in the caverns wrapped around that innermost space. The surface is hostile and forgotten to the point that most don’t even think about it.

The main goals for my campaign are thus: First, to begin very minimalist in both rules and world so that both can grow and develop in response to actual play. Second, to have it be a sandbox world that reacts to the players without being focused on them exclusively. Three, to focus on transparency. I won’t be hiding much from the players. Very few hidden traps, a lot of places on the world map are labeled and I will tell any player what their character will know about any of those places. This is to encourage curiosity and exploration rather than perception rolling and random wandering.

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