Human Wizard (arcane)

Level 2

Strength:        6     (-1)
Dexterity:       9
Constitution: 13    (+1)
Intelligence:  14    (+2)
Wisdom:       15    (+2)
Charisma:     13    (+1)

Hit Points: 6
Armor Class: 12
Damage Resistance 1


  • Leather Armor (full body coverage)
  • Whip
  • Backpack
  • Food (2)
  • Components (5)
  • Spellbook

Money: 0

Mutations (4):

  1. Nine fluffy fox tails
  2. Fur-covered neck and strange/exotic voice
  3. Right arm has a bunch of kitsune silhouettes on it. The are animated and don’t like to be covered up with cloth, but want a bit of a sleeve to hide in. They make soft sounds when they ‘bark’ at each other or Morgana.
  4. Morgana sometimes is the voice for one of her arcane patrons who speaks through her without her consent and sometimes even without her knowledge.


Eldritch Lexicon:

  • Burial
  • Fish
  • Flesh
  • Private
  • Shadow
  • Stasis
  • Whip


Banish to the Nether-Realms (Shadow+Burial)
Target is wrapped in shadow and pulled outside of reality for 1d4 rounds per level of Wizard. Is completely unharmed and doesn’t remember anything of where he was except blackness and blankness of removed memory.

Deep One’s Scales (Fish+Shadow)
Target’s body is covered in fish scales black as the outer void. Adds to armor class equal to the wizard’s level, but also counts as worn armor for encumbrance purposes. Stacks with any worn armor.

Silent One’s Grasp (Private + Stasis)
Affects a number of targets (either person or object) equal to the wizard’s level. Any sound made by target can only be heard by others affected by the same spell. A targeted person includes all of the equipment on their person, but nothing else. Basically don’t drop anything and you will be fine. Can maintain it as long as you want, but to change who is affected you have to drop it and cast it again.

? (Shadow + Whip)
Tails turn into black shadow tentacles that can grapple, grab, pull, etc. When this spell is cast the wizard can create up to 1 foot per level of tentacles. Which can be divided up into any number of tentacles as the caster desires. The tentacles use the caster’s Intelligence as their Strength, using that bonus to attack for grapples and to perform ability checks.

? (Flesh + Protection)
This spell puts in place a spherical ward (which is shaped by environment, it doesn’t pass through any objects but will cover all surfaces it spreads over) with a 10 foot radius for every level of the Wizard. The spellcaster can also create many smaller wards. Each one takes a casting of the spell and can be maintained as a single spell as long as the total amount is no more than 10 foot radius per Wizard level.

The spell presents a minor barrier to all flesh, dead or alive. Small creatures (squirrels and smaller) need to put a lot of effort into pushing past the invisible barrier and animals in general will just avoid it once they encounter it. Human-sized and larger will barely notice it as they step through. Just a moment of resistance that might make them stumble a step. The Wizard can feel every place where flesh pushes against or passes through the ward. Works on pretty much all non-plant living things, undead with rotting flesh, even flesh golems and non-animate corpses. Has no effect on things without flesh. Skeletons, metal constructs, plants or plant monsters, etc.

Laboratory (350sp total value) Level 1

  • Vial of Hallucinogenic Spore
  • Misc rare scrolls

Small enough to be carried at the moment

The Banished Gods

Morgana’s witchcraft is centered on the forbidden gods she worships and studies. Each rules over a concept and grants blessings and curses accordingly. These being were deprived of their names upon their exile, and are known only by their former titles.

  • The Mad: Insanity and mind-control
  • The Dark: Shadow and corruption
  • The Silent: Void and stealth
  • The Deep: Deep-sea and tentacles
  • The Savage: Animals and Nature
  • The Rotten: Death and decay
  • The Many-Faced: Transformation
  • The Thorned: Pain and sharp things
  • The Unnameable: Magic and reality-manipulation

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