Ruin Knight “Zombie”

Male Ruin Knight

Level 1

Strength:         16  (+3)
Dexterity:         9
Constitution:  13  (+1)
Intelligence:   10
Wisdom:           8
Charisma:         6  (-1)

HP: 10
AC: 19 (Shield and full set of heavy armor)

Silver pieces: 35


  • Ruined Greatstar (1d8+3 damage, +3 to hit) [heavy] [large]
  • Full suit of heavy chainmail armor (+12 AC)
  • Kite shield (+1 AC)


  • You’re good at getting people out of your way.
    On a melee hit you can do your usual damage plus knock a human-sized opponent prone.
  • You can charge into battle against overwhelming odds!
    You can both move and attack with a single action, so long as you use it to get into melee combat with something bigger than you, or into combat with three or more same-sized enemies. Automatically win the initiative contest with that action.
  • We Honor the Fallen Hero.
    You get a positive reaction bonus (specific details to be determined) with any culture/person that practices necromancy in a more than casual fashion or recognizes the dead empire you come from. Anyone who recognizes your empire has a chance to have a clue to how to deal with your curse.

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