Level 2

Strength:        12  (+1)
Dexterity:        6   (-1)
Constitution:  10
Intelligence:   14 (+2)
Wisdom:         11
Charisma:        8

HP: 5
Experience: 1000
Essence 4/4 (Invested in giving 4 Brachanids poison bites)
Poison (damage) Bite 4-in-8
Glow Glands 8-in-8
Acid Glands 1-in-8
Electrical shock 2-in-8

Head: Leather Helm and face mask, Spider Silk Cowl. +1 AC
Torso: Leather breast plate and Spider Silk Robe. +1 AC
Right Arm: Leather Manicae and Spider Silk Robe. +1 AC
Left Arm: Leather Manicae and Spider Silk Robe. +1 AC
Right Leg: Leather Leggings and Spider Silk Robe. +1 AC
Left Leg: Leather Leggings and Spider Silk Robe. +1 AC

Total Armor Class: 12

Weapon: Heavy Spikespitter 1d6 Str to Hit (+1 attack, 1d6+1 damage)

12 Inventory Slots
|Six Equipment Slots|One Backsack|Four Pouches|
|Helmet, Breastplate, Gauntlets, Greaves, Weapon|Sack: 80 heavy thorns, Rope, 25 feet, Grappling hook, steel mirror, 4 candles 3 flasks of lamp oil.| Pouch: 1 flask of lamp oil|Pouch: 1 bottle of cheap vodka|Pouch: Dagger| Pouch: Empty|

Brachanids: ‘Crab Dog’ 50 pounds on the smaller end, some breeds can weigh as much as a hundred. Generally a ‘very large dog’ in the ecosystem. Used as…well dogs, also some varieties are hunted for their leather. Semi-aquatic. Main breed lives in swamps and other wet areas of the caverns. With the full spectrum of breeds have a wild range of environment types. Can be occasionally found in places other than the territory around the Shaper cavern but unknown to the majority of the known populated areas.

AC: 14 – Bite Attack: 1d4 – Has same movement on land and in water – HP 4
4 Venomous Brachanids: Essence modified Brachanids the venom glands and delivery system of a venomous spider (the Mygaloranea) were analyzed and introduced to the anatomy of a breeding pair of brachanids over an extended period. So far results have been stable and Serevan has published a paper on his findings.

1 Coleoxter: ‘Ox-Beetle’ Omnivorous, large, strong. Not very smart, and slow. Used for meat and as a source of chitin and leather as well as a draft animal. Draws the cart. Only needs to eat once a week, but eats a lot at that point. Can be ridden by two people with the proper harness/saddle.
AC: 18 – No basic attack – 14 HP

1 Drey Cart: A four wheeled wagon capable of holding supplies, drawn by a Coleooxter and occupied by Serevan as well as Zaun

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