Svietlana Lebedev


Level 1 Fighter

Strength        11
Dexterity       13 (+1)
Constitution 10
Intelligence  12 (+1)
Wisdom        11
Charisma      12 (+1)

Hit Points: 8
Armor Class: 11

  • Shasqua sword: +1 attack, 1d6+2 damage
  • Black powder pistol: +1 attack, 1d6+2 damage (takes one action to reload, range 80 feet)

(3) 50′ rope
6 sacks
10 water filled bottles
10 rations worth of ingredients
Set of cooking utensils
Leather armor (five pieces)
Shasqua sword [light] (+DEX attack, 1d6+DEX damage)
Black powder pistol [light] (+DEX attack, 1d6+DEX damage) takes one action to reload

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