This is a list of the current characters in the campaign. Mostly active ones, but at least one inactive one that I thought fit the setting and area of one group too well to just forget about.

Morgana Nine-Tails
Female human Arcane Wizard with fox-themed mutations and a thirst for knowledge and perhaps a streak of self-destructive hedonism.

Hunter Zaun
Male cat-person technically enslaved by Shaper Serevan, but has a pretty good life. Main job in life is to hunt down and capture weird specimens for his master. Very big and strong, kind of clumsy.

Shaper Serevan
A Shaper from the Shaperate who finished his apprenticeship and decided to explore the wider underworld for inspiration and supplies instead of struggle with the politics and getting stuck with making minuscule improvements on already mastered creations.

Usaki Alyiria
Violence-prone human girl with bunny ears. Can dance with such sensual erotic grace she could be rich serving any noble or king. She prefers to kick open doors and punch things in the face, so she’s an adventurer.

Kelxora Grux
Female Dragonborn Barbarian who, like most of her kind, is not allowed to stay in any one place due to her elemental energy surges. She likes drinking, partying, and has caught the eye of at least one Countess in the city of Raknar.

“Zombie” (nickname)
Human(?) undead warrior from ancient and forgotten civilization. Somewhat insane and unresponsive at times. Ultimately searches for a way to lift his curse and find peace.

Svietlana Lebedev
Human fighter, wandering cossack.

York Strongpaw
Panda beastkin paladin of the Masked Gods, focused primarily on The Smith.

Someone who grew up in a sealed off technological fortress, now out in the underworld learning how to build devices of magic and technology to survive.

Keira Silkenclaw
Feline beastkin dancer dressed in silks.

Khair Hahn
Feline beastkin trained in necromancy and unarmed combat by lizardfolk.

Tulia Davis
Female human Cleric (Lawbringer)
Level 1

Ex-adventurer. Decided the adventuring life wasn’t for her. Was a character whose player just didn’t mesh with the game, but I thought the cleric would be a wonderful choice for a live-in cleric in Fort Murderhobo if that group ever gets it built up enough to have a proper church.

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