The classes in the campaign so far. When creating a character you may either pick one of these, or ask me to create a new class for you. The classes are all intended to be very focused. A single ability or skill that no other class has access to in the exact same way. Only the wizards can cast spells. Only the fighter actually gets better at physical combat.

Keep in mind that these are adventurer classes. None are much welcomed in civilized society for various reasons. Too violent, too crazy, too corrupted, too fanatical, etc. If a person is well-adjusted enough to get a stable job in a nice place to live they don’t become adventurers.

Fighter – The class that excels at physical violence. Does lots of damage, can hurt more than one enemy in a round of combat.

Shaper – Creates life out of pure magic, can manipulate and shape life with a combination of magic and alchemy. Has minions.

Wizard – Studies magic, casts spells, can have a laboratory to study and learn more about the laws of magic and reality.

Dragonborn Barbarian – A dragonborn fueled by uncontrollable elemental power. Reshapes the world around him, sometimes when he doesn’t want to.

Paladin – Holy warriors, they channel the power of their faith to have an aura of holy blessing that affects everyone around them.

Cleric – Servant of a higher power. Seeks to convert worshipers to his faith, draws on the power of their patron to perform miracles to heal, protect, and smite.

Specialist – Survives on their wits and skills alone, not violence or magical abilities.

Sorceress – Summons spirits from other planes into objects and people to manipulate them. May become a portal to that plane herself if not careful.

Ruin Knight – Undead knight, cursed to die over and over again, each time less of his sanity remains.

Dancer – Martial Artist that is both unarmed combat expert and sensual seductress. Can use scarves as deadly weapons.

Crafter – Someone who searches for the best materials to make the best mastercrafted items.

Morte Monk – lizardfolk trained monk who uses necromancy to inflict harm on their foes.