Hit Points: 1d6

Dancers gain a bonus to AC equal to their DEX bonus when wearing light or no armor.

Scarves are considered a [Light] weapon for Dancers. add DEX to attack, 1d6+DEX damage. Technically a combination of cloth and hand-to-hand combat moves.

When using scarves and/or hand-to-hand techniques a Dancer can perform special moves against enemies they attack. This happens if the successful hit is above (20 minus the Dancer’s level). So a 1st level Dancer would get a special move if they roll a 19-20. A 5th level Dancer would get one on 14-20. The attack must be a hit of course. This overlaps with a Natural 20 critical hit. So a Natural 20 not only does full damage but the dancer can use two special moves.

Dancers may also impose a critical miss effect on enemies that attack them. It has to be a species the Dancer can affect. If an enemy attacks a Dancer (and is a species they can use Exotic Dancing on) and misses, if the roll is equal or lower than the Dancer’s Level the Dancer may perform a fancy move to the enemy. No damage, but can disarm/knock prone/grapple/etc.

Exotic dancing gives the Dancer the ability to tempt and distract enemies. A combination of martial arts and sensual dance movements. When in melee combat against enemies the Dancer knows how to affect, the Dancer can add their CHA to their AC. Can only be used if the Dancer is wearing attractive clothes or some light armors.
1st level : Same species as Dancer
2nd level and above: Pick a species/race/monster that might have some interest in the dancer’s form (orcs, dragons, ogres, mind flayers, etc).
Does not have to be sexual specifically, but some appreciation of the body is required in either sexual or just purely aesthetic in nature.

Dancers can also use their dancing as pure distraction. When they use an action to dance, they pick a single species they know and every being of that species gets a penalty to their AC equal to the Dancer’s CHA. This can affect allies as well as enemies. This can be maintained as long as the Dancer concentrates and dances, or until the Dancer takes damage. Each round the Dancer can shift the target species if they wish.

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