Dragonborn Barbarian

Most of the Dragonborn live in great stone cities full of wealth and exquisite carved decorations. They are not hostile to outsiders, but for the most part only interact with others to do business. Even among each other inside their cities. Some, however, do not get that option. It happens uncommonly, say every 1 in 10 that are hatched, but some Dragonborn are born with an almost full measure of a dragon’s elemental power in their blood. As they grow it swells up until it expresses itself in every step (the ground shakes) every exhale of breath (wisps of flame between their teeth) and every angry slam of a fist against a table (shockwave of air strong enough to knock over full drink mugs). Along with their power, their emotions burn bright and fast.

All of this makes them a huge disruption anywhere they live. So most dragonborn cities will do a sort of friendly exile. The dragonborn is welcome to visit their family every couple of months, but isn’t allowed to stay longer than a day or two before they are pushed out of the gates again. Most form small-ish (two dozen or so) tribes of wandering warriors. Often selling their services as mercenaries as a tribe of dragonborn barbarians might be a little rough around the edges, but nobody can deny how powerful they can be.

Hit Points : 1d12
When unarmored can add Strength modifier to Armor Class.

Main ability is elemental control. Dragbonborn Barbarians create and manipulate raw elemental power around them. Their ability can affect and even create any of the four basic elements (and variants) in a distance around them equal to (10′ x level). With a limit to what they can see/sense.

Mechanically this works like this: Replicate the effect of any simple weapon, armor, tool, or mechanical object such as a torch, grappling hook, bow and arrow, or ladder. Or manipulate an object as if they used an action to do it with their hands. They can affect a number of targets equal to 1 + half their level. Though only one such effect can happen at a time. So, a 6th level PC could attack 4 targets at a time, and even break through 4 doors at a time, but can’t break through 1 door while attacking 3 people.

So a Dragonborn Barbarian can do a ranged attack equal to a short bow that is shooting a shard of stone at an enemy. A higher level PC might do a single attack that effects a whole group of enemies as a blast of fire. For non-combat, the PC might have the same effect as a ladder for a group of people that is lifting a platform of stone along a wall. Or do a crowbar effect by using a whip of water to rip open a stuck door.

Attacks can be flying stones, shards of ice, fire breath, lightning bolts, hands wrapped in hard stone, swing of a tail for a blade of air, etc.

1d4 attacks are fast, always going first in initiative. 1d6 attacks are done as normal, with dex roll if there is conflict, 1d8 attacks always go last in initiative. This is for combat where everything happens more or less at once and only things that directly conflict have to roll.

Any die roll that is a natural 1 (for rolls that involve multiple dice count each one separate for this) a Mystic Mutation is gained, or their elemental power flares out into the world around them in a semi-violent fashion. Whether they were using their elemental powers or not at the time. For Mystic Mutations, Dragonborn Barbarians do not develop mental troubles. If a rolled location has a mutation already, just count down the table until an unaffected location is reached and that one gets the mutation. Roll 1d4 to see which element is represented, fire/earth/water/air. If a Dragonborn Barbarian has a Mystic Mutation in every single slot they become raw elemental energy and are no longer a PC.

Each time a Dragonborn Barbarian gains a level they may remove one Mystic Mutation. This is the only safe way for the character to reduce their mutations.

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