Hit Points: 1d4

Sorceresses commune and conjure spirits from other worlds. Each sorceress forms a bond with a particular world far in existence from the world she lives in. They can summon spirits to inhabit creatures and objects. Small at first, but as a Sorceress grows in power they can conjure and control more and more powerful spirits.

Most sorceresses commune with a single type of spirit. A particular kind of plane of existence from which they draw their powers. At 1st level, pick a single source of power for the Sorceress. Demonic, angelic, primal, elemental, arcane. The spirits that get conjured are all of this power, as are any effects and mutations they cause.

Summoning a spirit into an object takes a conjure roll: 1d8 + WIS modifier – # of spirits already conjured. Rolling max (8 on the die) means the conjure was more successful than expected and part of a powerful spirit has entered the body of the Sorceress. She gains a Mystic Mutation. Each additional Mystic Mutation is more of that spirit coming into the world through the Sorceress. If the Sorceress ever gains a 9th Mystic Mutation the spirit possesses her completely and becomes a powerful NPC, the Sorceress’s soul banished to the spirit’s world. If the roll is 1, the Sorceress fails and can no longer conjure spirits until she has rested and reforged her links to the spirit’s world.

Can increase/decrease Armor Class (AC), increased/decrease the modifier for a weapon attack. Can help/hinder other activities as well by putting the spirit into the object being used. The modifier (positive or negative) is equal to the Sorceress Charisma (CHA) modifier. A unheld weapon can be animated, likewise a shield. Armor can be animated in theory but requires many spirits to all work together.

Every minute (ten rounds) the Sorceress must make a roll to keep the spirits under control and in this world. The roll is 1d8 + level, and if the result is more than the number of spirits the Sorceress has conjured they all can stay. If it is less than the number of conjured spirits the difference is how many spirits slip out of her control and go back to their dimension. Sorceress can decide which ones go, but it must be a quick decision, otherwise the DM will roll randomly for which ones go.

Sorceresses can also conjure spirits up to ask a question, but this is tricky at the best of times. Spirits have much different perspectives on the world and often have to be paid in return for information. Sometimes something as simple as a piece of copper, other times as much as a dozen blood sacrifices, all depending on the usefulness of the information and how clear the answer will be.

For more permanent spirit companions, a Sorceress can either conjure one to possess some creature or prepare a object to be a long-term vessel. A spirit inside a possessed animal or prepared vessel requires no control rolls. The size and intelligence of a creature the Sorceress can possess with a spirit depends on her level. A prepared vessel for a spirit cannot be used by someone else, it animates and obeys the will of the sorceress. Spirits in creatures and vessels do count as conjured for the purposes of conjure and control rolls. The only difference is that a failed control roll will not have spirits in prepared vessels or creatures go back to their home dimension. Instead they break free of the Sorceress’s control and become free-willed entities. However, this only happens if no other spirits are under the control of the Sorceress.

Creatures possessed by spirits mutate and are very obviously magical creatures. In one respect this is good in that they often gain powers. In another respect this is bad, since there is no hiding that the Sorceress has unnatural companions. Which is why most sorceresses either live the isolated life of a hermit or the dangerous life of adventure. A sorceress can only have a spirit possess a creature that has fewer HD than her level.

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