Feats, Special Abilities, etc

There are no Feats in my campaign. At least none that are attained through leveling up. A PC by default only gets the abilities/skills in their class. Which is pretty narrow in focus.

However! For those that want different and more varied abilities, the chance to learn them can be found nearly anywhere. Rewards for quests and doing tasks for people will more often be training in whatever the local specialty is.

Want to learn how to attack several times in a single round? Find a band of Cossack warriors and impress them and they might teach you the secret of flashing steel weapons.

Want to develop the ability to channel holy energy into your attacks to smite the undead? Better travel to Golden Fields and do something the paladins there find worthy.

In a more metagame sense, let me known what kinds of things you might want your character to have in the future and I will do my best to find a place in the underworld to place the opportunity to earn it.