Morte Monk

The lizardfolk have a unique tradition of primal necromancy. This is primarily known in the aspect that they animate their dead to defend their tribal territories and hatcheries. Yet there are many aspects to their abilities and one is a unarmed combat style of martial arts that uses raw necromantic energy to harm their opponents. This martial art is occasionally taught to outsiders, so not just lizardfolk have been known to wield it.

Hit points: 1d8

Unarmed attacks deal 1d6 damage to living opponents. Also does full damage to non-lizardfolk/primal undead. Against physical targets hurt by non-magical attacks, Str modifier is added to damage. Against undead that aren’t hurt by physical attacks, damage is just straight 1d6.

On a critical hit (natural 20) a living enemy has to make a constitution save or die and be raised as undead.

Morte Monks can animate corpses into zombies. This can be done on a corpse, or automatically when the Morte Monk kills an enemy. Each new zombie has hit points equal to the damage that killed them. A Morte Monk can increase this with an ‘attack’ that invigorates the zombie to add the damage done to the zombie’s current hit points. No attack roll is necessary.

When adjacent to a zombie they have animated, the Morte Monk can have any attack that hits them do damage to the zombie instead. They can have a number of zombies equal to their level at once.

Morte Monks are immune to negative/necromantic energy attacks from undead, HP or attribute drain, etc.

Higher levels will allow the monk to create undead other than zombies.

Morte Monks have no encumbrance from armor of living things that they energize with their necromancy. So leather, chitin, dragonscale, etc.