Golden Fields

One of the main sources of food in the underworld. Miles of open caverns with low ceilings that have hundreds of farms overlooked by hundreds of castles. It is lit by artificial sunlight that ripples across the cavern ceilings in undulating waves. The day/night cycle allows almost natural behavior patterns. Though over the centuries the cycle has gotten erratic as the wild magic of the underworld chips away and twists what, at one point, was the greatest hope for real life in the underworld.

There is a huge fresh water ocean along the northern edge. The farmlands are almost always foggy and that gets worse during the night. Whenever it happens.

The farmlands are also under constant attack by the undead. Several ancient and powerful sources of necromantic magic can be found around the area. The ebb and flow of magic awakens them one at a time until some band of adventurers manages to subdue it back into slumber.

An order of paladins and knights protects the farmlands. Very powerful, very suspicious of outsiders, dedicated to spend their lives fighting the undead hordes.

Known specialties: heavy armor and weapons, anti-undead magic and fighting styles, food

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