Jade Lotus City-State

The largest city in the entire underworld. A culture of elegance and art. Beautiful metalwork and powerful magic. The pinnacle of civilization in the otherwise completely barbaric underworld. Patience and ritual are the highest virtues. The expression of strong emotion is the second biggest mistake one can make in the city-state. The only sin is not showing any emotion at all. Everything in in the proper place at the proper time. Nothing happens quickly and everything is planned out to the most exact detail.

A world unto itself. Where politics, schemes, and betrayal that unfolds over a century is applauded even by the one who is betrayed. Art is to be shown in all things, from the defeat of a enemy to the creation of a new hairbrush.

The city-state is known primarily for its golems and magical limb replacements. Elves are in charge almost everywhere and their view of perfection and patience filters down to all levels of society. The city-state’s only real interaction with the rest of the underworld is a low-level conflict with the Ivory Dominion that only rarely breaks out in real war, and they get most of their food from the farmlands of Golden Fields.

Specialties: golems, replacement body parts (can be used as or even replace Mystic Mutations)

Entrance is easy enough. Just approach one of the six gates and be prepared to spend an hour filling out paperwork. Longer if you don’t have a good reason to enter the city-state and much longer if you don’t have a reference from a citizen in good standing. Once the paperwork is finished, a visitor is allowed basic access to the city-state. Paperwork and identification is required to go anywhere and do much of anything. Though highly placed allies can make things much easier. Highly placed enemies can make things much harder. Though in either case the help or harm will never be direct and outright asking for help is considered a major faux pas, as is openly accusing someone of anything.

Everything in the Jade Lotus is sideways and metaphor. Statements of fact are boring. Oblique analogies are interesting. If only one person knows what you actually mean and the other five people listening have seven different incorrect ideas, that is perfection. All social interaction is built on the ideals of elvish communication. Also the main form of decoration is the true elvish cipher carved everywhere. Almost everyone, including inhabitants of the city-state itself, think the tiny lines are just elven artistry.

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