The Shaperate is very isolated and remote to the rest of the main areas of the underworld. Not entirely unknown, just far away and doesn’t interact much with anyone else. Has three moderately sized cities, some research outposts, and a whole lot of wilderness. Wilderness even more dangerous than most given the amount of experiments the shapers let loose to see how they do against each other.

A land where controlled biological mutation is the main form of magic, experiments with life and alchemy are a common event, and sapient life is cheap but exotic feral creatures can be worth their weight in diamonds.

Known specialties: the ability to create and shape life, exotic alchemy

Animals from the Shaper territory:

Brachanid ‘Crab Dog’ (reference image) – 50 pounds on the smaller end, some breeds can weigh as much as a hundred. Generally a ‘very large dog’ in the ecosystem. Used as…well dogs, also some varieties are hunted for their leather. Semi-aquatic. Main breed lives in swamps and other wet areas of the caverns. With the full spectrum of breeds have a wild range of environment types. Can be occasionally found in places other than the territory around the Shaper cavern but unknown to the majority of the known populated areas.
AC: 14 – Bite Attack: 1d4 – Has same movement on land and in water – HP 4

Coleoxter ‘Ox-Beetle’ – Omnivorous, large, strong. Not very smart, and slow. Used for meat and as a source of chitin and leather as well as a draft animal. Draws the cart. Only needs to eat once a week, but eats a lot at that point. Can be ridden by two people with the proper harness/saddle.
AC: 18 – No basic attack – 14 HP
Has charge attack. Takes one round to start, goes in straight line for 50′ or until hits wall. Does 1d12 damage per 10′ it charges. Anyone human-sized is knocked out of the way. If it hits a wall or something larger than itself, does damage to itself. People in the way can save to avoid damage, d20 -DEX and -1 for every 10′ away from starting point. 15 or less saves.

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