In the resource-rich area known as the forgelands most settlements are semi-temporary. Mining camps that set up long enough to mine out a vein of some kind of ore or gems. Some have been in one place for generations. Less fortunate camps move every couple of months because they find only small patches. The most famous town is not a mining settlement at all, but a true stable and static town.

It is a small town found in a out of the way cavern. Most notable for the fact that the main feature of the town is piles of armor and weapons. New, old, rusted, broken, all shapes and sizes. Most tower over the single-story buildings that the inhabitants live in. Most of the town is forges, smiths, and metal workers of all kinds. The town itself is built around a gigantic ancient forge that a semi-religious order maintains and uses to melt down weapons and armor into ingots that they give to the smiths of the town to create new weapons and armor from.

Anyone who wants to make a bit of easy money can bring broken armor and weapons here. The town pays for any armor and weapons no matter what condition they are in. Not a lot of money gets paid, but several caravans make a stable career digging up old battlefields for equipment that is so ruined nobody else would care about it, which they bring here to get paid. The weapons and armor get melted down in the ancient forge to be reused.

The ingots are stamped if they came from weapons or armor and the smiths of the town swear that using one or the other makes their work better. Of course depending on which smith that is asked the details differ. Some claim that using weapon-metal to make armor creates armor that is stronger since it is made from the broken remains of it’s enemy, others claim that using the weapon-metal to make weapons means that the weapon is the focused spirit of all the previous weapons it is made of.

The lesser known feature in town is the single elf that lives there. A master at creating and fixing nearly anything. He doesn’t accept money for his services. He also refuses to work on anything mundane. His interest is in weapons he has never seen before. Or the creation of unique armor created out of rare exotic materials. Your steel sword broke? He will just ignore you. Found some unique ivory weapon of an ancient race that you need fixed up? He’ll do it for free just for the experience. Given his centuries of life and practice he is about the only person an adventurer can find that will repair some ancient relic that nobody else understands.