Specialties: Sages, lots of libraries, basic adventuring equipment, knowledge in general (never free)

The middle of nowhere in some respects, halfway to everywhere in others. A healthy amount of trade comes through it as it is the nearest safe port to transport food between the farmlands and the Jade Lotus City-States. A century or two ago it also had another major trading partner that nobody can quite remember because the route was cut off for some reason about a century ago and everyone has forgotten where it went.

The city maintains tiny to medium forts about a day’s travel along each of the main routes to and from the city. Some are just a pair of guards in a shack, others are decent sized forts with a few dozen soldiers. What level of support the forts get depends on politics, merchant bribes, and current threats and danger. When somewhere isn’t traveled by enough merchants to make it worthwhile, the outposts are abandoned.

The city is a port on a small ocean. It is a nexus of most of the rivers that flow through the underworld. The other side of the huge lake is the Farmlands. About a week sailing straight across. Nobody travels straight across. Too dangerous.

Raknar was originally founded by several groups of adventurers several centuries ago to build up the resources needed to break into, explore, and loot an ancient necromancers tomb they found on an island in the bay. The place is so well protected and unbelievably deadly that even after all this time only the first few layers of defenses and traps have been found and/or removed.

The highest body of authority is the city council. All matters that get to them are decided by a straight majority vote. The council is five people and the current members are:

Countess Dulce

  • Female human
  • On the older side, but attractively mature rather than elderly.
  • Is known for wearing a particular set of gloves each day of the week.
  • Recently spotted wearing only one glove one day. Rumors all over the place about it. Favorite rumor is that she has found a lover, as seems to have happened several decades ago when she was last seen without both gloves.

Lord Ilenys Thybek

  • Male human
  • Is the current leader of the city council.
  • Jacqueline’s father.
  • Daughter was kidnapped, rescued by adventurers.


  • female human

Count Furis Bothin

  • male Aasimar


  • Female Elf
  • sister was recently kidnapped and rescued. She did not reward or even talk with the rescuers, so they don’t even know the rescued elf was the sister of a member of the city council.

Sages and contacts adventurers might want to know:

Jessanine the All-Knowing (sage/alchemist/smart person)

  • lawful neutral female human
  • Major Field of Study: Fauna (Specialties: Crustaceans & Mollusks, Avians, Reptiles)
  • Minor Field: Flora
  • Magical Ability: knows a few spells of Primal Magic.
  • Personality: Active of Intellect, Foolhardy.
  • Cute in a nerdy sort of way.


  • redhead
  • mid-20s
  • very beautiful
  • daughter of Lord Ilenys Thybek
  • A bit smitten with two of the adventurers that rescued her when she was kidnapped recently.

Unnamed monk

  • Trained Usaki in hand-to-hand combat for a few days.


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