Fort Lawful

Currently the focus of a particular group of adventurers to fix up and use as their home.

A ruined fort about a day travel west of Raknar. Once watched over one of the major trade routes that made the city prosper, but about a century ago something happened that stopped all traffic through a critical part of the underworld. Nobody who has gone to check it out has returned. The fort itself was abandoned and has been the home of various monsters and bandits, as abandoned places often are.

It has a back entrance that goes through a series of small caves and a ancient crypt. The fort itself is isolated by a huge ravine of which it is placed on a mountain that rises from the depths. The trade route traveled on a road that passed along the opposite side of the seemingly bottomless ravine.

A river just big enough to make fording across it tricky goes from Raknar all the way to the fort to fall into the ravine. Records show that there was an even bigger river that came from the other direction to spill into the ravine from the other side.

The fort used to have a bridge that connected the sides  so caravans and travelers could cross the ravine. The bridge, make of simple steel, has rusted away and fallen down the ravine.

There is a magically locked door (command word ‘nepo’) comes out about 100′ south of the fort itself right next to a small rocky bridge over the ravine. Not big enough for a lizard or cart, but stable enough that people can go across it single-file.

The ‘surface’ level is more or less in complete ruins, but the adventurers have managed to fix the walls so they are functional and could hold off enemies for a while.


  • Back entrance caves
  • Crypts
  • Basement

Warehouse Inventory

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