Magic in the underworld of Exiled Future is both necessary for people to survive and shunned for how unstable it can be. The minor day to day magics needed to grow food, cleanse water, and in general survive the hostile underworld are tolerated. Anyone who actively practices or studies magic in any great detail or depth are not. At least until they are needed. Of course, religious communities will be accepting of those that practice the magic of their faith.

In the world of Exiled Future magic is both powerful and sometimes unstable. So many different kinds of magic used for so long has fractured reality and mixed together. Many sources of magical power, but all of them can be distilled into five broad categories. From closest to furthest from human comprehension:

Demonic – Power granted by demons, which is often done in pacts of power and to lure humans to chaotic and evil ends. In spite of legends to the contrary, demons don’t tend to exploit loopholes and are happy to share power with anyone.

Angelic – Power granted by the divine agents of the gods. No gods actually interact directly with the world. The faithful claim that this is because gods are busy with the much bigger cosmic picture. Blasphemers claim that this is because there are no gods and the source of divine power is the Angels themselves.

Primal – The power of nature, animal spirits, weather magic, and anything and everything that flows through the natural world.

Elemental – The raw forces of creation. Fire, earth, air, water, the building blocks of reality. Extremely powerful, extremely crude, does not care for mortal concerns at all.

Arcane – Existences and forces from outside of reality. Lovecraftian pacts, alien intelligence, anything and everything that can warp and destroy reality just from coming into contact with it.

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