Mystic Mutations

Mystic Mutations:

The mortal form is unable to handle the stress of powerful magic. This applies to magic of all types. So as a magic-user becomes more powerful the increasing amounts of magical energy twist his body into a more suitable vessel for the magic’s purpose.

For the nature of the mutation the GM rolls for the location and adjudicates the result taking into account the source/type of the character’s power.

Mutation Table (d12):

  1. Head
  2. Eyes
  3. Left Arm
  4. Left Leg
  5. Torso
  6. Voice
  7. Aura
  8. Right Arm
  9. Right Leg
  10. Eyes
  11. Hair
  12. Skin

If the rolled location is already affected, the character gets a mental affliction/insanity of some kind instead of a physical alteration. Except for Shapers who just become more and more physically twisted.

Anyone who gets too many mutations loses themselves and becomes an agent of the powers they had used up to that point. Player Characters are lost and the player must roll up a new character. Usually 9, but exact amount of mutations will be told in the class information.

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