Vault Dweller

Spell-like abilities.
Can modify/break/scavenge magic/magi-tech/technology.
No magic of their own.

Some civilizations that came to dominate the surface of the world were built on pure technology. When they sent their survivors down to the underworld they built huge isolated vault-fortresses to protect themselves in the hope that afterward they would be able to re-inhabit the surface. The occasional descendant of those people escapes their vaults for one reason or another to make their way through the underworld. Their skills with scavenging and modifying technology expanded to handle magic as well in the new world they find themselves in.

Hit Points: 1d6

Artificer ability: Devices
Starts with one device. This can be a weapon, item of clothing, armor, whatever. Also means the scavenger starts knowing a single effect. When they gain a level the Vault Dweller can either build a new device or learn a new effect.

A device is any item the Vault Dweller creates or modifies to have magical abilities.

Each device’s powers are based on spells. Or ‘proper’ magic items. An effect from any spell from any version of D&D, official or not, can be built into a device. Or any basic magic item that gets cleared by the Dungeon Master. The effects an Vault Dweller can imbue devices with are limited to what they have found and studied, scavenged, or stolen. Or figured out through experimentation in their workshop during a Haven turn.

A single device can only have 1 + intelligence modifier effects on it. Otherwise, the Vault Dweller does not focus on any given attribute because when searching for and dealing with random magic, one never knows what might come in handy.

The actual flavor of the effect, what it looks/sounds/etc like, can be nearly anything. The raw ability of the effect is merely the game mechanic starting point.

A device casts/used at the level of the Vault Dweller that created it. When a PC goes up a level they automatically upgrade all of their devices during their next rest period.

Workshop – Similar to wizard laboratories, built up with bits and pieces of magical items and scavenged tech. As a workshop gets bigger and more complex, more effects can be added to devices, serious breakthroughs can happen, and can work on even larger projects like full fledged golems. The value of the workshop is measured in silver pieces, and spent to create new devices. Levels gained do not go away, but resources spent on creating devices will make it harder to reach the next workshop level. Magical items and other magical effects can be added to the workshop either whole, or drained/disassembled depending on the original item/source.

Using a device is a magic roll, on an 8 it causes a magic surge, on a 1 it doesn’t work and needs to be repaired. Each device with the exact same effect in the local area (10 feet per level of device) increases both of these ranges by 1. So if the scavenger has created two pairs of boots of jumping and she wears one and her companion wears one, each will fail on a roll of 1-2 and surge on a result of 7-8. To a maximum of 1-4 fail, 5-8 surge.

Given the variety of magic in the Exiled Future campaign, this class will be even more a work in progress than others as I work out how scavenging magic works mechanically during play.